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You want to host a Hyip script program? It's not easy to find a suitable Hyip hoster. There are a lot of offshore hoster, but most of them don't allow Hyips. Hyips are not really legal in the most countries. And Hyips have special requirements. A fast server is needed for the emails to the members and the instant payouts. A fast database server is needed,too. Hyips are often attacked by spammers with DDoS-attacks. Therefore your hosting plan should include a professional DDoS-protection. Anti-DDoS-hosting is a little bit more expensive, but there is excellent technique and a team of experts needed. There are only a few offshore webshosters, who are specialized in hosting Hyips. We describe and rate the most known Hyip hoster. Find a reliable hoster for your business. Have you already made experience with a Hyip hoster? Than vote for the hoster and help other people, who want to host a Hyip, to find a good provider.

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Hyip hoster comparison

We try to desribe the most important facts about the most known Hyip hosting provider. If you search with Google for a Hyip hoster, you get 5-10 good hits. You find Hyip hoster with well designed websites. But who is a reliable hosting company for Hyip hosting? On our website your can rate the different Hyip hoster. If you have made experience with a hoster, vote for this hoster and help other to find a good Hyip hosting provider. Requirements and prices are different. In which country you want to host, do you want a privacy protection or stay complete anonymous? Is DDoS-protection needed? The price is almost the most important factor. Offshore hosting usually is more expensive, but not much – depends on your requirements. But offshore hosting has higher requirements. Additional security and fast server are needed. Privacy protection is also included and the data centres are abroad. So compare the Hyip hosting providers and choose the best one.

Offshore hosting Netherlands and Panama

Netherlands: Many offshore hosting providers are located in the Netherlands. The laws for websites are not very strict. The Netherlands are part of the EU and the internet backbones and connection is very good. You can expect highend technique in the data centres. The most hosting provider offer DDoS-protected hosting plans. The hosting plans in the Netherlands are not expensive. Hosting anonymous is also included by accepting Bitcoin as payment system. The Netherlands are very recommnded for high level offshore hosting.

Panama: Panama is very famous for offshore and Hyip hosting. Some hosting provider have their head office and data centre in Panama City. Panama has a very good telecommunications infrastructure connected with glas fibre with Europa, USA and Asia. And Panama is free of earthquakes. The quality of hosting is excellent in Panama. Most hoster speak Spanish or English. Panama is an on the US dollar based democratic country.Like in the Netherlands you can expect first class offshore and Hyip hosting in Panama.

Bitcoin Hosting

Bitcoin and and other crypto currencies like Litecoin are virtual currencies. A special software runs asssociated on many computers to make payments. If you own Bitcoin you have a virtual wallet. Bitcoin exists since 2008 now. Bitcoin is well established. For people who want to stay anonymous Bitcoin is the perfect payment system.