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You want to host a HYIP script ? We compare and rate the best HYIP Hosting Providers, with many reviews from customers. All Hosters offer DDoS-protected Plans,suited especially for HYIPs. Find the best Hoster for your HYIP program. There are a lot of offshore Hoster, but most of them don't allow HYIPs. HYIPs are not really legal in the most countries. And HYIPs have special requirements. A fast server is needed for the emails to the members and the instant payouts. A fast database server is needed, too. HYIPs are often attacked by spammers with DDoS-attacks. Therefore your hosting plan should include a professional DDoS-protection. Anti-DDoS-Hosting is a little bit more expensive, but there is excellent technique and a team of experts needed. There are only a few offshore webshosters, who are specialized in hosting HYIPs. We describe and rate the most known HYIP Hosters. Find a reliable hoster for your business. Have you already made experience with a HYIP Hoster ? Than vote for the hoster and help other people, who want to host a HYIP, to find a good provider.

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HYIP Hoster overview

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DDHP Security
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DDHP Security
Genius Guard
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Hoster comparison and reviews

HYIP hoster comparison

We try to describe the most important facts about the most known HYIP Hosting providers. If you search with Google for a HYIP Hoster, you get 5-10 good hits. You find HYIP hoster with well designed websites. But who is a reliable hosting company for HYIP Hosting ? On our website your can rate the different HYIP hoster. If you have made experience with a hoster, vote for this hoster and help other to find a good HYIP hosting provider. Requirements and prices are different. In which country you want to host, do you want a privacy protection or stay complete anonymous ? Is DDoS-protection needed? The price is almost the most important factor. Offshore Hosting usually is more expensive, but not much – depends on your requirements. But Offshore Hosting has higher requirements. Additional security and fast server are needed. Privacy protection is also included and the data-centres are abroad. So compare the HYIP hosting providers and choose the best one.

DDoS-protected Hosting in the Netherlands and Panama

Netherlands Netherlands: Many offshore hosting providers are located in the Netherlands. The laws for websites are not very strict. The Netherlands are part of the EU and the internet backbones and connection is very good. You can expect high end technique in the data-centres. The most hosting provider offer DDoS-protected Hosting Plans. The hosting plans in the Netherlands are not expensive. Hosting anonymous is also included by accepting Bitcoin as payment system. The Netherlands are very recommnded for high level offshore hosting.

Panama Panama: Panama is very famous for offshore and HYIP Hosting. Some hosting providers have their head office and data-centre in Panama City. Panama has a very good telecommunications infrastructure connected with glas fibre with Europa, USA and Asia. And Panama is free of earthquakes. The quality of hosting is excellent in Panama. Most hosters speak Spanish or English. Panama is an on the US dollar based democratic country. Like in the Netherlands you can expect first class offshore and HYIP-Hosting-Service in Panama.

Bitcoin Hosting

Bitcoin and and other crypto currencies like Litecoin are virtual currencies. A special software runs asssociated on many computers to make payments. If you own Bitcoin you have a virtual wallet. Bitcoin exists since 2008 now. Bitcoin is well established. For people who want to stay anonymous and keep their privacy, Bitcoin is the perfect payment option.

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HYIP Templates

If you have decided to run a HYIP script, it's also important to find a suited,cheap script with many features and a modern design. The HYIP Template should be responsive, because you will have a lot of visitors with mobile devices. If you search for a HYIP script, you should take care, that a good support is included, too. Ideally you have a 24/7 live-time support. Prices for good HYIP Templates are from about 30$.

HYIP Monitor Scripts and Templates

If you want to operate a HYIP Monitor, it's also recommended to join a DDoS-protected Hosting plan. Monitor sites are often attacked by hackers as well as HYIPs. Good scripts and templates for monitors can be found in the internet, too. Prices could start from about 50$. And before you buy a monitor script, you usually have the possibility to test the script with a demo version. There are some providers, who give you a complete support for your HYIP project. If you need graphical support, you can purchase banner design plans, too. So it's for everybody possible to operate a HYIP or a HYIP Monitor for less money, without technical knowledge.

Cheap HYIP Templates Cheap HYIP Templates - Banner Design - HYIP Monitor Scripts - Language Service

DMCA ignored hosting

You want to create a website and be sure that it won't be deleted randomly? Then you are on the right track with DMCA ignoring hosting. Are they all the same? Of course not. That's why I looked around for the best ones.
Many hosts advertise that they allow content protected by the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). What matters, however, is their actual response when the deletion request is received. Many a host gives in, avoids legal disputes and simply takes your website offline.
Another problem: Depending on the content you have, some DMCA-ignoring hosts aren't as understanding of your cause. They might protect you well from copyright issues, but they don't defend themselves against governments or politically motivated groups.
I've signed up with the biggest names in DMCA ignoring hosting to test their performance and get clarity on what content is being endorsed. Don't risk losing all your hard work! Read on and make an informed decision.
Clear Rules - It is not enough for a host to declare that they are "offshore" or "DMCA ignorant". My experience, community feedback, and each hosting provider's rules all combined to give a clear picture of what you can host and what you'd rather keep to yourself.
Offshore Server Locations – “Offshore” generally means outside of the United States. However, the DMCA is also used in many other countries, which means that you should stay away from these countries. The more offshore locations in non-copyright treaty countries, the better.
Resources and performance - Do you want to protect your website and your privacy from international agreements and government access? Then don't forget the essentials! Fear not - these hosts offer ample resources, stable availability and high speeds.
Alternative Payment Methods - Sometimes you can't avoid paying with your credit card. However, if it is possible to pay with Bitcoin or transfer anonymously, you can protect yourself even better from criminal prosecution and violations of your privacy.
Security Features – Not everyone will like your website. One or the other will go to great lengths to put an end to her. DDoS attacks are particularly harmful, which is why these hosts offer defenses against these threats and many more.

Bulletproof Hosting

"Bulletproof domains" are domains that cannot be confiscated or blocked by authorities or other institutions (or should it be much more difficult). Normally, these domains come from suppliers in Russia & Asia and are priced at around $50 - $150. It should be noted that not every domain from a Russian or Asian provider is a bulletproof domain. In the Asian region there are e.g. Mostly .ru, .su, .com, .biz, .com and .net domains are sold as BP domains. With the other domain endings, the bulletproof cannot always be guaranteed due to regional laws.

Offshore Hosting FAQ

There can be many reasons for this and these do not always have to be found in the illegal area, warez is only one possible reason. The imprint requirement in Germany alone can be a reason to host anonymously abroad. Warnings or notifications of (alleged/unintentional) copyright infringement, defamation, damage to reputation, etc. can quickly become a nuisance. Especially when you report content about people and companies who don't like it that much. Many fun sites also host abroad, for example, because the risk of violating the copyright with any image or video is quite high. In addition, there are sometimes also youth protection aspects.
In principle, exotic countries as locations are almost always less well connected and simply further away. On the other hand, Romania, for example, is very well connected to Western Europe and thus also to Germany and is in no way inferior to a German hoster in terms of routing. Ultimately, the location is always a question of weighing up security, speed, reliability and price. Experience has shown that the influence of the server (both in terms of the config and the power, as well as the data center and its connection) on the speed is usually greater than the purely country-specific location.

HYIP Hosting 2022

Offshore hosting companies exist primarily as a business in a sovereign nation where US laws do not apply. The web hosting advantages of these data centers relate to the legal incorporation of operations, data security, intellectual property, copyright or tax code districts. Offshore hosting companies are divided into those serving business associations and those specializing in warez, torrents, MP3 sharing, etc. Offshore hosting companies primarily advertise their services as seeking customers seeking DMCA-ignoring SLAs. This means that the web host will not automatically restrict or discontinue website operation as a result of a DMCA request from copyright applicants. Offshore hosting can also be more cost-effective for some operations than developing international data center locations.
We receive financial compensation from the companies we review. Any compensation and rewards do not affect the direction or conclusion of our reviews. Also, a fee does not affect the ranking we calculate for a particular host company. This fee covers the cost of reviewer royalties, purchasing accounts, and testing.

Best offshore hosting

Strategically located between Europe and America, the country offers the best connections. Iceland's data protection legislation of 2000 is considered to be among the strictest data protection laws in the world, setting strict requirements for privacy protection. Building on European standards, but going well beyond them, it has abolished data storage requirements. Iceland is building a "Free Speech" zone where businesses and individuals can safely operate their sites.
Iceland also has other advantages. A comprehensive supply of green eco-electricity and an exciting landscape that makes a visit to his servers almost mandatory.
Iceland is not only well suited for hosting, but also has one of the world's best domains up for grabs with .is. Although this is relatively expensive at €68.90 per year, it has the advantage that it is awarded from the state itself. American or European interests hardly stand a chance of suddenly confiscating domains.
First of all, the internet is full of good feedback about this hosting provider. That is by no means a matter of course. I put this perspective to the test by sending a list of questions (see below) to the preferred providers. While other web hosts denied or even ignored the request, after just 10 minutes I had a friendly email from the Orange website customer support in my inbox saying that they would be happy to answer me, but that it would take some time.
All in all, OrangeWebsite gives a very coherent picture of very good customer support, great hosting know-how and most importantly a 100% pro attitude towards privacy and freedom of expression. Their services cover a wide field from normal shared hosting to virtual private servers to dedicated servers, which can be purchased with all sorts of secure additional equipment. But more on that later – first we want to devote ourselves to the questions & answers that positively highlight the Orange website.

Protect your name

You lay the foundation with a memorable domain from IONOS and stand out from the crowd. You can register your domain for up to 2 years and then automatically renew it - and thanks to one it remains protected even after the end of the contract.

Increase your presence on the web

Design a great website, set up your professional email address and connect your domain to your social media profiles - or simply forward your visitors, e.g. to your profile on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Choose a trusted provider

We already look after over 12 million domains and offer a wide range of domain extensions. From .academy to .zone, we're guaranteed to have the right one for you. You can also choose one of our premium domains for your brand. We are sure that we can offer you the right domain at the best price on the market.

Certified safety

An SSL certificate protects data transmission to and from your website from unauthorized access by third parties. Browsers such as Google Chrome therefore classify pages without an SSL certificate as insecure, which has a direct negative effect on trustworthiness. In return, sites with SSL certificates get a better ranking from search engines and create trust among visitors.