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The mos toffshore hoster offer DDoS-protected hosting plans. What is DDoS-protection? DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service. With a DDoS-attack a hacker floats the webserver with useless requests, until the services are overloaded and works only very slow. Mostly you have an overload. Hacker create cybernets with bots. Bots are other computers who where occupied by the hackers software. With a bit bot nets a lot of damage can be caused. The more bots, the more effective a DDoS-attack is. Server without DDoS-protection are vulnerable and overload. Because of this the most offshore hoster have an effective DDoS-protection. They use modern hardware with high end firewalls and a qualified team of security experts.
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Offshore HostingThere are different kinds of DDoS-attacks. This is associated with the OSI-7-layer-model for network protocols. The most attacks are at layer 3 and layer 4: TCP SYN, Floods, DRDoS. The following attacks usually happen at layer 7: HTTP GET, POST

If you under DDoS-attack somebody is scanning the internet or you are personal attacked. After a DDoS-attack there is often a financial damage. Before you choose your hosting plan you should remember which kind of website you want to host. Some websites are attacked more than others. Especially when you host a Hyip the risk of a DDoS-attack is very high. Good DDoS-protected hosting plans are a little more expensive, but than you are save from hackers and spammers. In the last years DDoS-attacks have become more and more. So it gets always more important to prefent against DDoS-attacks. Compare different DDoS-hoster and choose a suited hosting plan.

Here a few techniques used with DDoS-attacks:

  • Apache Mod Security
  • Apache Mod Evasive
  • Mailserver Flood protection
  • TCP/IP SYN Flood
  • TCP/IP ACK Flood
  • TCP/IP Fragmented Attack
  • ICMP echo request
  • UDP Flood Attack
  • DNS Attacks

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Web hosting providers with a wide range in comparison

Running your own website is no longer the sole domain of companies, online retailers or organizations. This is no longer a problem for private individuals either. Web hosting providers offer the necessary tools for large and small companies as well as for private individuals to set up and operate a website. Each provider has several packages on offer, with which the services and costs of web hosting can be individually adjusted. Thanks to intuitive modular systems, nothing stands in the way of setting up your own website or online shop - even without programming knowledge.

The following web host comparison shows the most important offers and special features of 8 providers at a glance. A subsequent guide explains what web hosting actually is, what the function is like, what the various hosting models are all about and what aspiring webmasters should consider when choosing the right provider. The answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ section. Finally, there is a look at possible web hosting tests at Öko-Test and Stiftung Warentest.

This is how we tested hosters and tariffs

In my comparison, I refrain from a strict ranking and a percentage weighting of the individual tests and comparisons. Because there are test criteria that are relevant for every website operator, such as fast loading times, competent support with short response times or high uptime. Which hoster is the right one for you also depends on your individual needs. For example, if you need a lot of storage space, you are in good hands with netcup. With a full 500 GB, the tariff tested offers more storage space than many other providers. If the loading time is more important to you, go to webgo or ALL INKL. And so forth. Nevertheless, we were able to determine a test winner for this year. A web host that scored well or very well in all areas and where you can't go wrong (or very little):