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DDoS protected Hosting | What is DDoS?

The mos toffshore hoster offer DDoS-protected hosting plans. What is DDoS-protection? DDoS means Distributed Denial of Service. With a DDoS-attack a hacker floats the webserver with useless requests, until the services are overloaded and works only very slow. Mostly you have an overload. Hacker create cybernets with bots. Bots are other computers who where occupied by the hackers software. With a bit bot nets a lot of damage can be caused. The more bots, the more effective a DDoS-attack is. Server without DDoS-protection are vulnerable and overload. Because of this the most offshore hoster have an effective DDoS-protection. They use modern hardware with high end firewalls and a qualified team of security experts.
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Offshore HostingThere are different kinds of DDoS-attacks. This is associated with the OSI-7-layer-model for network protocols. The most attacks are at layer 3 and layer 4: TCP SYN, Floods, DRDoS. The following attacks usually happen at layer 7: HTTP GET, POST

If you under DDoS-attack somebody is scanning the internet or you are personal attacked. After a DDoS-attack there is often a financial damage. Before you choose your hosting plan you should remember which kind of website you want to host. Some websites are attacked more than others. Especially when you host a Hyip the risk of a DDoS-attack is very high. Good DDoS-protected hosting plans are a little more expensive, but than you are save from hackers and spammers. In the last years DDoS-attacks have become more and more. So it gets always more important to prefent against DDoS-attacks. Compare different DDoS-hoster and choose a suited hosting plan.

Here a few techniques used with DDoS-attacks:

  • Apache Mod Security
  • Apache Mod Evasive
  • Mailserver Flood protection
  • TCP/IP SYN Flood
  • TCP/IP ACK Flood
  • TCP/IP Fragmented Attack
  • ICMP echo request
  • UDP Flood Attack
  • DNS Attacks