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HYIP Hosting comparison

We compare the benefits and prices of each HYIP Hoster. Prices are varying and it depends on your requirements. If you don't need any extras shared hosting plans start at 3$ per month. But if you want to host a HYIP script with a good DDoS-protection it's more expensive. Your webspace should have a minimum of 1GB. The bandwidth sould have 10GB or better unlimited. If you host a HYIP you need a database, too. As control panel we recommend cPanel with a monthly billing cycle.

HYIP Hoster comparison and reviews

Hoster Webspace VPS Dedicated Server Rating Rank
HYIP Hosting DDHP Security Shared Webspace from 10$ VPS Server Dediacted Server 100% DDHP Security reviews
2 Votes
HYIP Hosting Genius Guard Shared Webspace from 9.99$ VPS Server from 149.99$ Dediacted Server 0% Genius Guard reviews
0 Votes
HYIP Hosting DDoSCure Shared Webspace from 2.80$ VPS Server from 30$ Dediacted Server from 110$ 0% DDoSCure reviews
0 Votes
HYIP Hosting ZamaHost Shared Webspace from 3.60$ VPS Server from 17$ Dediacted Server from 90$ 0% ZamaHost reviews
0 Votes
HYIP Hosting DDoSCrush Shared Webspace from 3.50$ VPS Server from 33$ Dediacted Server from 90$ 0% DDoSCrush reviews
0 Votes

HYIP Hosting background

Hyip HostingTo find a good hoster is not really easy and shoukd be well-considered. What are your requirements? Should your website be hosted in an offshore country? How good is the customer support? If you want to host a small website you usually have no special requirements and a small shared hosting plan is enough. But HYIP script sites need a powerful DDoS-protection and fast server. To get more ressources you can rent a VPS-server or a dedicated server, but here is Linux and webserver knowledge necessary. A lot of people take a VPS-server. Your share a real server with others, but you have full root access and the plans for VPS are not really expensive. For small or medium HYIP sites a VPS-server has enough power.

If you plan a bigger project you should take a dedicated server. Take care that your server includes fast SSD-harddisks. The operating system is mostly Linux. We recommend Debian Linux with the free control panel ISPConfig. But especially for a dedicated server Linux knowledge is required. For a dedicated server you have to calculate a minimum of 100$. And DDoS-protection is recommended to protect you against hackers and spammers.

Usually new accounts will be activated instantly. You only have to pay with an electronic payment system like Paypal or Bitcoin. And if you pay with Bitcoin you can stay anonymous. A lot of HYIP hosting provider offer this opportunity.

The price for a hosting plan depends always on your needs. In which country should the server be located or how much bandwith do you need? What kind of DdoS-protecion do you need? Basically for smaller projects a shared webspace plan is enough, but if you want to operate a bigger project , especially a HYIP script, you often need a dedicated server.